1. No alcohol or tobacco products will be allowed on school premises. Automatic disqualification of player associated with offender.
  2. Follow the Bracket Board at all times. This will be posted to our Facebook Page.
  3. Teams must check in at registration desk 30 minutes prior to first game.
  4. Players listed on the roster are the only players eligible to play.
  5. All teams must have at least 3 registered players, but no more than 4.
  6. Before game: Both teams will be allowed to warmup at the same time for 5 minutes. Only the 2 teams scheduled to play will occupy the court at warm-up time.
  7. A coin flip will determine who receives the ball first.
  8. Games will be played to 18 pts or whichever team is ahead after 15 minutes. (1 pt. awarded for each basket; including the foul shot. 2pts for a 3pt shot)
  9. The ball changes possession after each scored basket. Free throws will be awarded on all shooting fouls, for bonus (7 th foul) and double bonus (10 th foul). A team in the double bonus gets 1 free throw and the ball out of bounds. All free throws are dead ball situations where the non-shooting team gains possession following the free throw attempt.
  10. The clock will stop on all dead ball situations within the last 30 seconds of the game. (when margin of difference is 3 points or less)
  11. Tie: Winner will be determined after one minute of play. Still tie after one minute: sudden death. Possessions will be determined by coin flip.
  12. Substitutions: Only after made basket or ball not in play.
  13. Scorekeepers/Referees: The referee and scorekeeper at each court will be in charge of their own court and game. Court monitors will be available to help should something be needed.
  14. NO STALLING: During the last minute of play there will be an unofficial 30 second shot clock in effect. Stalling within the last minute of play will result in a change of possession. It will be the referee’s discretion if a team is stalling.
  15. NO Dunking: Dunking at any time; including warm-ups will result in disqualification of individual.
  16. Jump balls: Go to defense
  17. Pass In after Ball Check: Defensive player checking the ball must stay behind the line until the first pass is thrown.
  18. Taken Back: After fouls or out-of-bounds; the ball and both feet must be taken back behind the 2 point line.
  19. Fouls: No unnecessary roughness. Fouls will be called by the court monitor. Technical fouls will be 2 points and possession of the ball.
  20. All referee decisions are final. They will also have the decision to stop game if there are any unruly fans or parents.
  21. All decisions of game length, stoppage and termination of game will be discussed by 3 on 3 staff.
  22. Good Sportsmanship will be expected at all times (on and off the court). No swearing at any time!
  23. Entry fee non-refundable. We play rain or shine.
  24. Every reasonable effort will be enforced to ensure safety and integrity. DC Chargers 3 on 3 assumes no responsibility for stolen articles or personal injuries sustained by any participants.
  25. HAVE FUN!